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Success with removal - wondering who uses two different cup sizes during their cycle?

Further to my second attempt yesterday, I left the small lilaccup in last night and took it out this a.m. in the shower. It took me a while to get it out.  I struggled to break the seal, but tried to wriggle side to side and " birth" it, and then eventually it came, and now I know what it feels like to properly remove it - I didn't have that insane suction feeling.   I eased it out and took a look.  It wasn't even half full - so it didn't spill everywhere.  I am concerned though about going all day with it, as I am heavier when I am upright.  I have two lilaccups - a small and a large, and am pondering putting the large one in so I will have that extra capacity.  But since I've just worn the small one comfortably, and it seemed to be a tight fit with it, I'm wondering how is the large one going to feel?  Might just be an experiment I will need to conduct tonight when I'm home again I guess.

Does anyone else use two different cup sizes during their period?  This may be dumb, but if I move to a large cup now, will that affect how the small one fits?  If I wear the small one, I am worried it will fill up during the day, and as I am awaiting some cloth pads, I don't have  any backup,  and since removal was a tough go in the shower, I don't think I'm ready to attempt it at work lol.

What are your thoughts re: small and large?
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