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First time - a bit tricky!

Hi everyone, (waving to all)

First of all, I just want to say how awesome this community is! I've been lurking for a little bit, learning so much!  I finally got my Ladycups today (Lilaccup yay!!) in small and large as I wasn't sure which one to go with.  I'm 29, light flow, and not too big "down there" LOL.  So I figured, oh what the heck, get one of each and give it a whirl!

I decided to try the small one first, I cleaned it, got out my glycerin and paraben free lube (again, something I learned here! - I didn't know that glycerine was a no-no for YI, and that my silicone lube would've eaten my new purple pal LOL) tried a 7 fold, and away it went!  I sat down this evening and practiced the different folds (again thanks to all the great posts with pics - you guys are the best!)  I was pleased that it seemed to go in ok, and on the first try it went up fairly high, and with a small kerflumpf I felt it open.  It didn't hurt, just a little surprising is all.  I tried to Kegal as others have recommended and it went up a little more so the stem was completely up.  Im thinking wow this is great!  I decided to poke around because I was trying to test the seal, and it seemed to be ok.  But hey, what do I know, right? I'm a cup virgin lol. 

Then it came time to get it out...ummmmm...ok challenge time.  I tried to really relax...lowered my jaw as I read earlier tonight...haha that actually works! I could just reach the end of the stem, so I tried to pull....stuck.  Ok...don't panic, they all said not to panic....breathe...breathe...LOL.....all of the great posts were floating in my mind, and I was trying my darndest to adhere to them.  I finally was able to reach the bottom of the cup and tried to squeeze it, but there seems to be quite the suction.  Anyways, I tried to to ease it out slowly, but I felt like my insides were coming out with the cup - is this normal?  

So when I finally got it out, sweating profusely, and shaken, I tried again a couple of times, but the second and third time I didn't get it up high enough before it opened, but I don't think it opened right either...and the stem was hanging out.  I was able to break the seal more easily those times, I think because it was that much easier to reach.  So I've given it a rest for tonight, and I will try again tomorrow when I get home from work. 
I was expecting a learning curve, and I'm hoping once I get more comfortable with mucking about "down there" I will have an easier go.  I will admit Im a bit freaked thinking about having to empty it once it's full.  I dont want to make a big mess everywhere :S    As someone who is proned to YI and UTI, I am also concerned with germies and soap residue. Another reason why I thought I had better give it a rest after a few attempts....don't want to tempt the UTI gods LOL. 

Thanks again for listening - any and all advice would be most welcome!!
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