horrorxgasm (horrorxgasm) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So... I'm giving the menstrual cup another try. So far, I've managed to get it in and out without pain this time. Yay!

However, I evidently put it in wrong yesterday and had some leakage, then took it out and rearranged it and then, I guess, had it in properly.

Today I did the same thing. I just rearranged it and am hoping it's in properly now. I'm having to wear a pad to make sure that I'm not leaking. I guess it's just part of the learning process.

But what I'm wondering is... how do you know if it's "popped open" properly? I just feel around the bottom and if it feels round, I assume it's open. I don't know... maybe? I'm having a really hard time rotating it and I don't feel it open when I do manage to rotate it at all.

Any tips would be appreciated!
Tags: popping open

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