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Brick-and-mortar cup retailers

Here's a thought, friends. I've been looking for a list, comprehensive or otherwise, of stores one could walk into to purchase a menstrual cup. Since several different searches have led me to no results, why don't *we* put together a list of brick-and-mortar menstrual cup retailers in our respective states and countries? It seems like this could be an excellent resource for the cup-using community in and out of LJ, and also not everyone who may want to use a cup has a credit card or bankcard with which to purchase a cup online.

Here's my meager contribution:

Lori's Natural Foods

900 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 424-2323

Products carried:
Moon Cup (US)
GladRags cloth pads

They carry the Moon Cup (US) - which I know some of us won't consider for ethical reasons, but here's a bonus question - if this were the only way to get someone hooked on the cup, being able to walk to a store and pick one up and hand it to that person - would you purchase one or tell that person to purchase one?
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