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Trying to decide

Hi, I've been avidly reading this group since I found it. Such a great resource!

I've got some questions and hopefully someone knows. After buying the larger sized Diva (I'm 34 & had a baby 2 yrs ago), I had some initial luck but then lots of issues with expulsion, irritation, leakage, etc. (I never lost my cup in the toilet, but I actually lost it 

in my pants once! (That very day I found this forum!!!) I was convinced I needed a wider cup, but after spending a lot of time on this site I realized it's my low-riding cervix that is the problem (it was really high pre-baby!). See, the stem was catching on my underwear, and when I was sitting on the floor and standing up again a lot at my son's daycare that fateful day, the cup just worked its way out. Glad I had a light flow and dark jeans because blood went everywhere.... eeewwwww.....)

So thank goodness for you ladies, I learned about the inside-out Diva trick, which made a huge difference on the irritation issue, and no more expulsions so far.... But it's still too long, especially when I'm sitting crosslegged on the floor, which I do a lot. So I'm trying to decide between Femmecup (one size), Lunette (large), and MooncupUK (large).

So my questions:
1. When I turn the Diva inside out, it goes from 57mm long (stemless) to ~51-52mm long, by my measurements. But it still hangs out a bit. The Femme, Lun, & MUK all start at 50-52mm (stemless), so they might also hang out unless inverted. I want to know how much shorter they would get? The base of the Diva has a thick tight curve, and I imagine that a cup with a thinner broader base might not shorten by as many millimeters when inverted. Does anyone know how long any of these cups would be when inverted? And oh yeah, anyone know how easy it will be to grip any of these buggers when inverted?

2. Is an inverted cup going to last as long? I don't want to ruin a cup 3 times as fast because of strain on the silicone....

3. Are vaginal muscles just looser when you sit cross-legged on the floor? Is this destined to become a problem? Or is this really going to Kegel away?

4. Does the bell-shape vs. uniformly wide shape make a difference in terms of staying in if width is also a concern? (kuradi8 calls them "hoop skirts" here: Maybe I'm just getting confused by the term "hoop skirt". On one hand, a uniformly wide shape would have more surface area on contact with the vaginal walls, but on the other hand, the flange of a bell-shaped cup might have some extra holding power....

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, femmecup, leakage & spotting, lunette, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues, sports/physical activities, teething troubles

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