maddmandy (maddmandy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new to cups and livejournal- inside out ok?

Hi, I'm Mandy. I just got a size 1 divacup, and this is my second day using it. I started using it when I got my period yesterday, the stem sticks out when I don't flip the cup inside out, so I've been turning it inside out and inserting with the 7 fold. It was working fine up through bedtime yesterday, so I assume it's opening correctly and everything. It's been sitting low, fairly near the entrace, but that seemed fine, according to the literature. When I woke up this morning, I had leaked all over the pantyliner I left on for just-in-case. When I took the cup out, it didn't seem very full at all, but maybe that's because I forgot to push down, and therefore squeezed it too much trying to get it out? 
so, my questions are
- why would it start leaking if it had been doing fine all day, and i reinserted it the same way before bed?
-also, do a lot of people turn it inside out? I am a little bit afraid that when i do, the bottom part of the cup (with the stem sticking inside) starts to push up, so there's less room in the cup, and it feels rather concave from the bottom? does that make any sense? would it make a difference? I was thinking maybe I should just trim the stem off and try that, since I havent had a lot of problems taking it out with no stem, inside out.  
sorry, this got kind of long. thanks for your help, I'm so glad I found this community!
Tags: divacup, first time use, inside-out, leakage & spotting
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