februaryholiday (februaryholiday) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yeast infection because of cup?

I'm 16, a virgin, and I just got through a really great first cycle with my Lunette.

My period started on the 10th, so it probably ended around the 15th or 16th. On the 20th, I woke up with an itchy vagina. I chalked this up to irritation from soap or something, went on with my life, and had a rather difficult time of getting to sleep. I was pretty sure that it would clear up by the next day. No such luck. I told my parents, and my mom said that it was a yeast infection, which she used to get once a year. We just bought some stuff for it, and I'm going to use it before I go to bed. Hopefully everything will clear up and I won't be so itchy anymore. The thing is, my parents both keep saying that it was my cup that did it. This is my first yeast infection ever, and I've never been sexually active or anything.

So, is it even possible for me to get a yeast infection from a cup?
Tags: cleaning, first time use, health risks, teething troubles, yeast infections
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