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DivaCup Website

I bought my DivaCup almost two years ago, and before I did I voraciously read everything I could about it and menstrual cups in general. I've recently visited the DivaCup website, and I was surprised to notice some some significant differences between what I read then and what information they give now.

Back then, as confirmed by my printed instructions, the company suggest users could boil the cup for only 2 to 5 minutes occasionally, and then as an alternative to using rubbing alcohol. Now they instruct users to boil the cup for 20 minutes after every cycle. Interestingly, rubbing alcohol is no longer listed as a potential cleaning agent. Neither is it included as a bad cleaning method. I am curious about this since hand sanitizer is listed as inappropriate, and hand sanitizer is comprised mostly of alcohol. Of course, listing of sanitizers could be due to other ingredients, but I am still curious.

Also, there was no suggestion in the old instructions that you could re-insert the cup without at least rinsing it, but now they say that if you need to you can just wipe and go.

Finally, I remember one of the selling points of the cup being that it can last years (7 years was the suggested time frame, I believe). Now the website says "Due to government standards and the personal, hygienic nature of the product, a menstrual cup should be replaced once a year." Now it is possible that I am misremembering the 7 year number, but I am certain that the website did not suggest in any way that the lifespan of a cup should be only one year.

I am very curious about what led to these changes, particularly the boiling time and lifespan changes. How much is due to new information, government regulations, and general marketability? My concern is that I cannot differentiate what is important for health and hygiene reasons and what is just based on commercial and/or political reasons, and that after years of selling the product the company may still be in the process of figuring out the safest use of the product.

Has anyone else noticed this? Do you know anything about these changes or any others?

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