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TSS risk and useful info

Before anything else I would like to mention that I love cups and  I've been using them for 3 years. But as I mentioned in someone else's post, I have a panic disorder and during some of my periods I have this violent irrational fear of TSS.

I know that the official statement is "cups have not been linked to TSS" but I know enough about statistics to be aware that absence of evidence doesn't  translate as a 100% safety, particularly when we are talking about something that is used only by a small percentage of women. I also know you can develop TSS from other causes than the use of menstrual products.

So, as part of my coping strategy against panic attacks I spent hours reading stuff online and found something very interesting at the Museum of Menstruation and some medical journals (I'm sure many people already know this but there might be others like me...), you can ask your doctor to perform an antibody test (anti-TSST-1) and if your results are 1:100 or over then it means your body is already protected against TSS regardless of the menstrual protection you use.

I feel better already just knowing that I can ask for a simple test and stop worrying for good... well, apparently not *that* simple since not every laboratory can perform it, but at least there is a way of knowing...
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