Rosie (theecksteins) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Natural Family Planning and observing cervical fluid

First time poster! What a wonderful resource!

Background information: My spouse and I use Natural Family Planning to monitor fertility and space births, and one of the indicators we track is cervical mucus, or the varying kinds of goo lady parts make that find a way down to the labia.

Since I have a longer period (9 days), I start observing cervical mucus before my period is over... So that means that I need to be able to check the consistency, opacity, stretchiness, and all that. How can I observe while wearing the cup? Would the cervical fluids be lost in the cup with the blood, very diluted?

Does anyone here use NFP? How do you observe while wearing a cup?

P.S.-- Can I give a shout out for NFP? I'm using the ecological breastfeeding method right now, and we've had nearly 10 months lactational amenorrhea... and counting!

Tags? Suggestions?
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