nightflax (nightflax) wrote in menstrual_cups,

...up above 30,000 feet and i'm up on the airplane...

So I recently went on a LONG trip from  Central New York, over to England.  Was a great trip all and all but on the way back I had the luck to have to use my cup on the plane.  I've had my cup for about 3 months, and LOVE it.  8 to 10 hours without needing to change things out, so much cleaner, so much nicer (all the usual cup-platitudes).  However I don't know if it was the pressure, or just I didn't put it in right, I had difficulties with it on the plane

Leaky, uncomfortable (not painful), wouldn't set right.  In 3 different airports I tried and tried again.  On the 8 hour flight, I went up and down to the mini bathrooms to try again.  Eventually I got it positioned (in our 5 of the 8 hour flight), so there was a "reasonable" amount of leakage...Again I'm assuming it was the 40,000 feet but seriously?!

Anyone else have similar issues on flights? Any suggestions? 
p.s. Now that I'm off the plane, me and my cup are copacetic.
Tags: travel
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