spinner_dolhpin (spinner_dolhpin) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaks! Suddenly!

I have used the small size divacup (I'm a teenager but large build) for two cycles now, and I love it.  I only had to empty it every 12 hrs, 24 hrs at the end, it was super convenient, no leaks, etc.  UNTIL YESTERDAY!  I had left in the cup for about 12or 13 hrs, since it was the beginning of my period and its usually light at the beginning.  But then, while I was at an assembly, I felt a gross gushing feeling, and I was like "oh no, this can't be happening!"  But, of course, when I went to the bathroom and took out the divacup, it was full, and my panties were really wet.  I was surprised, but I put it back in and went on with my day.

Then, about and hour later, it started leaking again!  I went back to the bathroom and emptied it again--this was all at school, mind you!  It kept on leaking all day, sometimes even just 5 or 10 mintures after I reinserted it.  Then, I decided to wear a pad with me to bed, and when I woke up, it was really soaked in one spot, and the rest was dry.  Today, I had the same problems, though maybe a little less leakage (I did wear a liner today).

What is going on?  This has never happened before!  I must admit, it is a lot heavier than it has been before (it fills up in about four hours or so--not completely but near the top).  But leaking after just a few minutes?  What is up with that?

I am REALLY REALLY upset.   And I'm on the swim team at school, with 2 and a half hour practices every day, so I really need this to stop.  And I go backpacking all the time with no access to toilets for weeks.  Help please!

Thanks and sorry for the crazy rant.
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting

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