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DivaCup Questions.

I just bought my Divacup a week or so ago and it arrived yesterday. My period just started yesterday as well. I have a pretty small vagina, and I've read lots of information on how to insert it however, I don't really understand still. I'm blind and so obviously, pictures do not work for me. I have tried to insert it stem end first and cup end first but I'm not even sure which way it's supposed to be inserted. I also don't understand how it's supposed to be turned when it's inside. Is it supposed to be just twirled around like you would spin a pot lid that would be sitting on it's top, or actually turned completely around so that it's facing the other direction, like if you put the stem in first, you'd have to turn it around so the cup end is facing inside, or what? If it has to be turned completely around, how is this done? I don't have any sighted people around here really and the one I do have is my mental health worker, and I don't feel comfortable asking her to help me get this thing inserted and stuff. I've tried folding the cup in half length wise and then folding it in half again length wise, which creates the C shape I've heard talked about. The problem I am having is it seems to pop open in my fingers when I get it inside my vagina slightly, but before It's gotten completely in. And since I don't even know which way it's supposed to be inserted and am unsure about the turning concept, this doesn't help. I've figured out how to turn the cup inside out and how to bend the rim down backwards if I needed to. I've read that you can fold the rim inside the cup as well, to make it smaller,but I can't figure out how to accomplish this.
Any help on all this would be appreciated. I was really looking forward to using this and I thought it would be relatively easy, but it's not turning out to be for me.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, divacup, first time use
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