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Diva Cup: many, many problems

Hi--I've looked around in the archives, but as I have so many different problems with this cup, none of the answers seem to solve it. I've been stubbornly using the Diva Cup for about a year now and am getting so fed up and upset with it that I am on the verge of throwing it in the garbage. I'm 39 and usually used tampons with no problem at all, although I used a sea sponge when I was younger, also with no problems. I've had 2 children but not vaginally. I'm told my uterus is tipped. I think I bought the larger size Diva Cup because that was what was recommended for women over 30. I really want to make a cup work but it just makes me cry every single month! Anyway, here are the main issues:

1) It is very painful to insert. I use a C fold and can make it rotate a little bit once it is in but it is painful to make it do that and there is just no room to get a finger alongside it. It certainly doesn't twirl easily. Am I too dry? Too small? I read about people having sex with a cup in and...I just can't see how on earth that is humanly possible?

2) It leaks. Sometimes (not often) it is ok, but I can't ever trust it as I never know when it is going to randomly start gushing. For the first 3 months I had to do washer loads of stained clothes and didn't dare leave the house. i finally gave up and wear a pad constantly now in addition to it, which rather seems to defeat the purpose. Occasionally it is ok, but it often leaks when it has next to nothing in it, when it's half full. It also seems to fill up ridiculously fast. I don't understand how it could be left in for 12 hours without emptying it; I have to check it every hour on my heaviest days. Overnight there is blood everywhere even if I have a pad because it fills up and leaks in a way that a tampon never did. I have no idea if I have heavier flow than most people; I would have to change a super tampon every hour or two during the heaviest days. Is that a lot? (ok, I just googled and I guess that is maybe a lot. Maybe that explains my very low iron levels...?)

3) It often seems to press on my urethra and I can't empty my bladder completely. On a number of occasions where I was several hours without access to a bathroom this has become excruciatingly painful.

4) Sometimes the stem sticks out and I simply cannot make it go any further up. Other times it migrates so far up I can barely get it out again. What is going on?

4) It is horribly painful to take out (I pinch it but it is awful getting the seal to break and the edges of the cup dragging along my insides is a terrible sensation) and when I finally get the open end out, it usually pops open and sprays everywhere (sorry, tmi!). Probably because I do it too fast because the removal process hurts. It is just horrifyingly messy. I never had that kind of problem with a sea sponge (or with a tampon unless there was some big clot or something but at least that is easier to contain).

You know, reading this I cannot believe I have persisted as long as I have! My sister has a different brand (Keeper, I think) and loves it. I so want it a cup to work for me. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to improve matters? I haven't tried cutting off the stem. Sometimes that seems like it would be a good idea because it pokes out and then I end up having a 10 minute session next time trying to push the thing out and think, no, the stem is my only hope! Should I try turning it inside out? Do I need to try a different brand? This one was $50 and I can't keep spending money trying out brand after brand if it turns out i just have some weird and twisted anatomy where it won't work. I didn't even try using it last month because it is such a stressful and uncomfortable experience; I just bought tampons and it was such a relief knowing for certain that I wasn't going to be covered in blood after 2.5 minutes. But I don't want to use them if I don't have to. Help!
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