Jessica (amethystrse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

And the cup saves the day!

I had so much running around to do today. One of the things was to take the kids to get new shoes.

While looking at shoes at the store I began to feel wet "down there". So I grabbed the kids and ran to the bathroom. Low and behold my period had arrived.

I was prepared though. I had been wearing my cup for the past week (I'm never "on time"). It must've gotten full and because I had been running around I hadn't checked it since this morning (when it was empty).

As I'm in the bathroom I realized that had I not been using the cup I would've been totally screwed. I hardly ever carry a purse and while I had my jacket the pockets were full. So the chances would've been slim that I would've had a pad or tampon on me. Since I'm such a heavy bleeder pads always get full way too quickly. So even if I had been wearing one just would've filled up and that would've sucked.

Thankfully I could just take out my cup, empty it, wipe it with toilet paper, and reinsert. No need to do what I would probably have done if I didn't have a cup. Stuff a big wad of toilet paper, leave the store, go home, and put on a pad. *sigh* The whole time praying that the wad of toilet paper doesn't dislodge and fall down my pant leg. EEEP! That would be embarassing (and it's happened to me in the past. lol)

So yes, the cup saved the day. Go cups! lol
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