donach (donach) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help for veteran user with leakage problems


I've been a Keeper user and lover for nearly 10 years.  My first one, the bigger one, wore out after about 7 years of solid service.  Never had leakage problems unless it was full and then it would overflow.  Bought a new replacement same size and after a 4 or five months of trying gave up due to regular leaking.  Didn't matter if full, or light flow day, just lightly leaked often.  So I bought a Diva Cup. (The large size again).  While this started out ok I usually had to wear a pantyliner.  As time went though things got worse.  Particularly on heavy days and then on most days.  I just never seemed to be able to get as good suction as I did with my keeper.  Leak. Leak.  Leak!  Finally after two years of denial, a few months ago I decided to go back to tampons which I really didn't want to do.  So... I discovered this site and see that there may be more options for me.  I'm early forties and have never been pregnant. 
1)Do I need something wider? 
2)Is there a wide option around? 
3)Has my body lost too much elasticity to be able to use a cup? 

Any help you can offer to get back to my old Keeper loving self i'd appreciate.

Tags: leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues
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