Michelle (pinkdagger) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup-cleaning vagina?

Hey ladies,

I looked through the tags and found some posts on staining, but I didn't find anything on this. Obviously our cups will endure some staining, and after all, it's hard to expect something to stay porcelain clean when it's floating in blood for a week every month. By the end of my period, my cup looks pretty rusty coloured. I don't do any extra cleaning than normal because, like I said, this is expected.

When MyCycle sends me an e-mail saying my period is about to start, it's always been at least a week (usually more like a month, err...) early but I pop the cup in anyway for peace of mind. Since the cup is just chilling in there for a week to a month with just normal discharge and no blood, I've noticed that my cup has re-whitened itself. By the time my period finally starts, my cup looks brand new and clear white!

I'm not sure if I'm just losing it or if our bodies really are that awesome. Anyone know specifically what it is that does this? Thanks. :D
Tags: cleaning - stains
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