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Hi everyone! I'm new to this whole cup thing and kinda excited about it. I never heard of them before a couple of my friends who don't know each other started mentioning them around the same time. At first I was totally squicked by the idea of sticking my hand inside and getting blood on me, but the more I read about it the more I'm like "it's just blood right?" and want to give it a try.

I've never really had a problem using a tampon, I've used super plus ever since I lost my virginity and never had a problem getting it in or anything. But since my flow is so heavy sometimes they would leak or soak the string, so I had to wear a backup pad most of the time which totally sucked! I hate pads and hate the feeling of wearing a diaper, so the idea that using the cup I could avoid pads altogether once I get the hang of it sounds awesome! I also want to make an effort to be more environmentally conscious and a reusable cup sounds like a great way to do that. And I'm on HBC (<3 the patch!!) so I get my period regularly, so being able to put it in before it starts (instead of having to use pads till it starts and then sticking in a tampon) would also be awesome because again, I really HATE pads!

Plus this whole community has made me feel awesome because you guys actually talk about this stuff, which most people around me won't do... I grew up with a brother and my dad, so I've never really had any guidance on periods at all from my mom, sisters, or anything like probably a lot of people did. Being able to talk freely about periods and vaginas here is a first for me LOL! For that I think this community ROCKS!

So anyway I had a few questions. First about size, I read the really great sizing post with the tables and stuff and tried to figure out what is best for me but I'm sort of overwhelmed by how many options there are! I can't find my cervix even with my finger all the way in (and I've had a 4 or 5 inch vibrator go all the way inside before LOL), so I think that means I have a crazy long vagina? So I figured the Diva cup is best because it is very long and has a large capacity for my heavy flow. Since I'm not a virgin but I am under 30 with no kids, I wasn't sure about which size to pick, I ordered the small one but now I'm wondering if I should have gotten the bigger one. Most of the posts on here seem to be about people having problems with the cup being too big so I feel weird because I'm worried about it being too small LOL! I'm sort of overweight too, and I don't know if that has any bearing on the size, I am a little worried about my belly getting in the way when I am on the toilet and have to reach down to pull it out but I guess that's not really a size question.

I also was wondering about cramps, since I usually get pretty bad cramps now that sometimes keep me in bed for a day or two a month. A couple people on here mentioned that it makes their cramps worse, so I'm sort of worried about that.

And also to boil it at the end of your cycle... I live in a dorm so I would probably be using the mug in the microwave way (since putting it on the stove means everyone, even the boys, sees what I'm "cooking" LOL). Do you guys have a special mug for it separate from the mugs you drink from regularly? What amounts of time do you put the water/cup in the microwave for?

Thanks so much for all your answers!

I have to say that I am super excited about getting my Diva cup and trying it since my period is due to start in just a couple of days! I ordered it from which was recommended on here a few posts back, and it is really cheap compared to other places! I got it for $21 using the referral code discount, including shipping! Since it's $35 at the store in town that sells them and I'm a poor college student I was pretty excited to find one for so cheap! Now I just have to wait for it to get here...

Also I am really excited about making my own pouches for my cup! I am a crafty sort of person and love to knit, so I am excited about being able to use my creativity for something other than making zillions of hats. If I end up making a knitting pattern for a cup pouch is it appropriate to post it here? :D

Thanks again everyone, this community is really great and I am excited to become a part of it!
Tags: cleaning - boiling, divacup, first time use, sizes/size issues

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