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This is my first cycle using the diva cup, though I tried inserting it once before my period, which resulted in lots of pain, as I'm a virgin and I feel like my vaginal opening is pretty small...granted, I definitely freaked out, but I could barely insert the cup even when it was folded pretty small.

So anyway, I started my period yesterday and decided to give it another go.  I was definitely more relaxed and don't have much problem inserting/removing it anymore.  However, for the first hour or so that it was in, it was extremely painful...I never really get cramps too badly, so it was pretty awful.  I tried removing it and inserting it again to find a more comfortable position.  The pain subsided after a while, but I was still very aware of it inside of me.  Now on the second day, it's kind of bothering me again.  It just kind of feels generally crampy/like there's a weird pressure there. 

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if it gets better over time, or if perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

Tags: cramps, first time use
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