Virginia (lovelylilacs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leakage :/

Hey everybody, so I haven't posted in a while since everything was for the most part going nicely with my cup and I didn't really have any questions. But this cycle, it's my first full day and I am having to empty the cup like, every hour. It's really annoying. Like it starts leaking and it feels like not five minutes ago I just emptied it. I make sure it's sealed and everything, it just get full really fast.
I woke up with a mess, which I'm quite used to, that seems to happen no matter what I use, be it a big annoying overnight pad or a cup or whatev. But I'm thinking that maybe I should try a bigger cup or something. Any suggestions?

And another thing- used to, when I would be about three days into my cycle, my vulva would get really sore for some reason. Once again, it did that no mater what I tried except it was much worse with tampons. I expected it to be really horrible when I started using my cup but it's actually gotten better and I don't have pain like that anymore. I guess because I don't have to mess with it near as much since tampons actually would leak after about 20 minutes and maybe my muscles were sore from trying to hold the thing in.
Anybody else have this issue?
Tags: leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues

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