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My Photos & Reviews For Femmecup, Large Lunette, Small Lunette Selene

Hey everyone, this week, I got my Femmecup and Lunette/Lunette Selene bundles in the mail! Wanted to share my photos and reviews with everyone. So far I love, love, LOVE all the brands I’ve tried. They all seem to work for me (meaning they fit comfortably and form a good seal). Its just that they each work in a different way, and serve a different purpose, at various times in my cycle, which is a lovely thing. Maybe I am shaped a certain way that agrees with menstrual cups or something, I don’t know, lol.

My webcam is one of those cursed cheap ones off eBay, and I am getting a new Quickcam 9000 in a few days, which will have much better quality (once I get the money transferred into my back account). So I’ll be able to take MUCH better photos then. But for now, the ones I have will do, I will just update them later. I tried to include what the benefits of each brand are, to help people decide. And for Lunette, there are also reviews on some of their other products.  So here are the reviews:


Large Lunette & Small Lunette Selene:





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