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First time observations & a bit of irritation

I just got the Mooncup. (Keeper, i guess? Got it from

I'm on my 2nd day using it. Insertion is very awkward, I'm using the C fold at the moment. I can't seem to push it in far enough. I believe this is because I'm obese and my stomach is in the way. I also seem to have a little bit more flesh down there than most women so everything is kinda cushioned i guess. (I can't really explain it.)

When it's finally in, it keeps moving up until its almost completely inside me. I've read it's supposed to do this, but I can barely reach the stem even when pushing. (If i cut it, i would of been screwed.)

Removing it is pretty weird too. I have to pull on the stem pretty hard until i can manage to reach the cup. It seems like the rim is irritating me when i remove it. (I can't reach that far inside so i can't fold it.) The real irritation happens when i have to pee, it's not my urethra that's burning but the skin further down. I think the lack of moisture is screwing everything up.

Right now I'm using tampons because I'm afraid of hurting myself more. I'm not really sure what to do about the irritation problem. I've only used lube once with painful results, so I'm kinda afraid of getting an infection. Any suggestions for a water based lube or any other suggestions as to how to stop the irritation? I really want this cup to work, it seems like it would be great if i could get used to it, lol.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, lubricant, removal, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles, urination
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