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A question abt LadyCup Trial Cups

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this question has been answered before but I wanted to find out during Trial Cup offer during February did anyone else get instructions and a cotton drawstring bag together with their trial cup? O_O

I had ordered a yellow Large and a yellow Small trial cup and was disappointed to see that the Small trial cup had split before even the first use! So I emailed them and got a replacement however I'm beginning to suspect that the replacement cup they gave me is a real cup and not a trial cup cause the material and color is different from my yellow large (which eventually split after using it for one cycle). Plus it came with instructions and a bag! I'm wondering if anyone else had experience this? I'd feel kinda bad if they accidentally gave me a real cup cause I didn't pay for it.

Also I love my LadyCup but I'm just wondering how I can tell between their trial cups and their real cups? So confusing....
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