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It was too good to be true...

I ordered a Miacup maybe two weeks ago and have anxiously watching the countdown on their website for the product to come back into stock.  Yesterday it said, "More expected today" and today it says, "More expected soon."  Argh...

Anyway, while I was there today, I noticed two changes to their ordering page.  You can no longer switch the currency to easily see approximately what you'll be paying in a currency you are more aware of.  Also, and this is the big one: they are no longer offering free worldwide shipping.  I typed in addresses in the US and Israel (where my mail to Palestine currently goes through) and both came up with prices of 50 Rand (about $5)...still not bad, but I wonder why they got rid of the free shipping while they are still in the midst of a backorder problem. 

I'm still confident that Mia will be a great cup for me and I'm really happy I ordered before the shipping thing changed, but just thought you all might be interested to know about the change.

 I hope mine ships SOON!!!! 

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