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   At the beginning of last semester I discovered the concept of menstrual cups, Diva specifically, but was slightly hesitant to try them....then a couple months ago I found this community and started reading about them and was shocked to find out how many different types there are, I am glad I didnt just get the Diva cup because after readying the posts comparing cups I determined the Lunette was the right cup for me, well my Selene did not arrive until my last period had ended so I have waited for a month to get to try it...first time I have ever been looking forward to my period...
   well it took some learning to get it in and out ok (THANKS for those who posted the punch-down fold method...the C fold NEVER would ahve worked for me and I would ahve given up on my cup) and I am still working on it but so far it has been amazing! I love my selene so much more than tampons! I have only had small leakage but its less than I had with tampons, and really only right after I put it in so maybe its just stuff that has worked its way down while the cup was out getting dumped and rinsed ....I used to soak through super tampons in 2 hours the first two days of my period and I have been emptying my cup every 4 hours but definatly could go longer as its usually only between a 1/4 and a 1/2 of the way full.
     So today is the second day of my period and I decided to brave it and head to the barn....OMG! amazing totally comfortable the whole time I rode my horse and no leaking! ... I work at a summer camp teaching kids to ride over the summer and I am so excited to not have to try to carry enough tampons with me for the day and to seem like a werido making bathroom trips every 2 hours or so.

   Overall I feel liberated and like my period isnt actually a curse anymore so thanks so much, all your posts helped me build up the courage to actually try menstrual cups and I am not going back!.... just going to have to perfect removal and figure out how to clean up in public rest rooms.... love the convience of having a sink next to the toliet at home and at the barn.

Thanks again I am going to try and convert some of my friends!
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