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Pain, Progress, and Patience


Alright guys, so my Lunette Selene size two came in the mail a few weeks ago and I've been playing with it ever since, impatiently waiting for the arrival of my period. I decided not to do a dry run, because I didn't want to get hurt and then scare myself into thinking that it wasn't going to work.

Today, my period started right after my first class.

It wasn't the best time, but I had my cup with me and decided to try inserting it in the bathroom stall. After about fifteen minutes I came to the conclusion that it wasn't happening. Just as I'd feared, I was going to need lube. I put in a tampon (which brought on almost immediate cramps and made me feel stuffed) and decided to wait.


After my second class I drove to a grocery that I've never been to before, picked out some KY Jelly and then drove home to try it again. I discovered that neither the C-fold, 7-fold, Punch-down fold, Mushroom/Squiggly fold, or Diamond folds were going to work. The bottom of the cup always seemed to form this huge bulge and my PC muscles weren't cooperating (the KY was seriously a godsend). After half an hour, I was really late for a study group and decided to go with another tampon until I had more time.


After my last class of the day I came home, had dinner and read a ton entries here dealing with people who had problems with insertion. At around midnight (when both my mom and little brother were asleep) I went into the bathroom and struggled for another half an hour. Lying down was working, but I kept loosing my grip on the cup that way. Finally I found a great position and a great fold. Sitting on the floor with my back against one wall, one leg against the opposite wall and the other leg over the rim of the tub was a great spot for me. The labial fold turned out to be *perfect.* I got the cup in.

Wouldn't you know it, after all of that popping too early and slipping back into my hand or the toilet and smacking my girly bits, the darn thing wasn't all the way open? I tried pulling at the rim but my finger wasn't long enough. I ended up pushing it out from the opposite side of the dent and doing a few kegels. It popped open and I felt a little pressure; almost like I needed to pee (but I went before I started trying to get it in, so I knew it couldn't be that). I couldn't feel whether or not I had a seal, but I definitely couldn’t spin the cup.

Then, much to my dismay I realized that the stem (the adorable little blue stem) was poking the crud out of my inner labia (incidentally, that little bit of skin kept getting in the way and hindering insertion). I was going to ignore it and I tried a few kegels, but it only got worse. It wasn't very painful, but definitely a 'that doesn't go there' sensation that was beginning to hurt. I decided to take it out, because I have class in the morning closely followed by work, and I didn't think I'd have the time to play with removal the way I had insertion.

I'll admit that I panicked at first. I could only reach part of the stem (the adorable annoying little stem) so I started to bear down. This worked better on the toilet than lying down. The seal wouldn’t break lying down, which is good for sleeping purposes I suppose. I finally managed to get it down only to realize that not only had the little bugger opened up all the way, it was sealed *well* and suctioned to something (the cervix that I've never been able to find?). I got it down far enough to pinch the base which removed the seal (I had to do this about three times because my hand was cramping, but those grip lines are wonderful), and sort of kind of folded it while I was pulling it out. Apparently, I didn't do that part well enough because when I pulled it out the cup popped back into shape and flung blood everywhere but the toilet. Ironically removal was only about ten to fifteen minutes, when compared to my half-an-hour insertion.

So, my overall verdict is this: I'm not ready for my cup yet. I need to spend the next month stretching out my muscles and learning to ‘loosen’ my PC muscles at will. I love my cup. It really is going to be the perfect cup once I’m stretched out. I also need to actually *find* my cervix because I don’t think my cup is supposed to be quite so horizontal.


-Are there any suggestions other than stretching with fingers and kegels? I plan on doing these but I wondered if there were more things to help?
-Does anyone think that my cup was suctioned to my wall rather than my cervix? When I took it out, it had blood in it, and there wasn’t any leaking from the cup when I swirled my finger around it. But, is it supposed to be horizontal like that? I mean, typically, where is your stem? It seemed to be just inside, but not quite. It stuck out just enough to poke me and hurt.
-I’m not sure if I should cut the stem. I *like* my stem but it kind of gets in the way. Should I wait until I’ve given it another try before I trim my stem?
-Any other tips for removal or insertion that I seemed to have forgotten while I was fiddling?
-Oh, is KY an okay brand? Someone said to be careful about glycerin?

 Thanks guys. You have been so much help. I love my cup, and I’m pretty sure that I picked the right one, so I can’t wait until I can use it!

Ha! My cut works.

Tags: first time use, removal, seal & suction, stem length/trimming
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