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New Lunette 2 and removal

Hi everyone,

You ladies helped me choose a lunette 2 as my first cup! I'm 20, NP and had a paragard IUD inserted nearly 3 months ago. My lovely SO gifted me the cup for my birthday! <3 I got so excited when I saw the lunette in the mail today that I just had to give it a try! Insertion went well. I wasn't sure what I was feeling, but I assume practice will make perfect. I felt around the edges of the cup and even managed to spin it. I did notice that it leaked, but since I had a cloth pad on already, I decided I would leave leakage for another battle. Anyway, I kept it in for around 4 hours, but when I went to remove it, I had the hardest time! I tried all sorts of positions, lube, no lube, kegels and relaxation, meditation, etc, and still it took me forever. I think I was really scared that I would somehow catch one of my strings and yank out my IUD!

Here's what I did: I bore down, grabbed the bottom of the cup and squeezed. I didn't feel a difference or a sound of releasing of suction, so I wiggled a finger up to break the seal along the side. Well, my fingers were too short, but combined with boring down, I did manage to squish it a little bit. Eventually, this helped me get it out. But the whole time I got the feeling that I was doing something wrong...

So here's my question: What does a successful removal feel like? How best to make AND break the seal? And how can I make sure that the strings are not caught in the cup or around the rim? IUD ladies, if you have any other advice about insertion or removal? Thanks :)
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