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My experience with Lunette

Here is my experience with the Lunette 2 (Larger size), I'm 29 years old, and have what I thought were pretty heavy periods. Also, one vaginal birth. Just hoping that my story may help someone else :)

I received the cup during my period, but towards the end.
Using the C fold I inserted with minimal discomfort and it felt comfortable right away. I ran my finger around and it didn't feel like it opened completely, almost like there was a slight dent towards the top of the cup, but it felt right, so I put on a backup pad just in case and went with it. 4 hours later, no leaks, which is a miracle, even on my lighter days. Taking it out was another story. It seemed like it was much higher, I could barely feel the tip of the stem. I felt a slight bit of panic - how the heck am I going to get this out?! I came out the bathroom and sort of laughed and told my husband I was going to have to birth my cup and I might be awhile :) The whole process took around 10 minutes, but I learned a lot about my body. At first I didn't feel like I could fit more than one finger up there, but it's quite flexible, which should be obvious, I have had a baby :) But, it's not altogether uncomfortable if you take deep breaths and relax. With my fingers up there, my vagina was like, nuh uh, and would clench up and I would feel the cup go up further! Leaving my fingers there, taking a big freaking breath and consciously relaxing my shoulders...all the way down I would feel the cup lower, I would go in to break the seal and whoops it would go right back up. It's like I had to train my body to do what it's not used to under the circumstances. Finally with some relaxing and bearing down, I was able to get a grip of the bottom, break the seal. The blood was kind of cool and the cup was only about 1/4 filled and none on the outside of the cup, so I'm assuming it was in the right area and opened properly.

I put it back in the same way, but this time it didn't feel right. The stem was slightly uncomfortable and I felt kind of a need to pee, but I had just struggled to get this sucker out and wasn't in the mood to go through it again. Now I've learned even if it feels slightly 'wrong' it probably is and to adjust or start over. It was at the end of my cycle though, so 4 or 5 hours later I took it out, with about the same trouble, but I started feeling like I could see the light in regards to removing it. There was very little blood on the outside and some on the outside. I don't think it was in right. I'm glad that the first time I put it in, I accidentally got it right, because otherwise I would have thought cups in general are uncomfortable, But when inserted properly, they feel perfect in my experience.

Fast forward a few weeks, now for the real test, my first full cycle. C fold again and felt right, pretty high, no need to pee. One of the best part of the cup is feeling moist, normal down there. I never realized how drying tampons were. Taking it out went much easier, maybe a 3 minute episode, but I knew what to expect and to very consciously RELAX, bear down, during the whole process. This was my heaviest day and the cup was 3/4 full in four hours, I had worn a liner and there was a bit of blood, I had reached capacity I believe. Then again with the insertion and like last didn't feel right, so I took it out again and started over. It felt better, but not quite right. I thought maybe I was just imagining it, went to the post office and about half an hour later I could feel some imminent leakage. Went home and still couldn't get it to feel right, but it sort of did it's job.

So I scoured this message board, and found some posts about alternate folds. I tried the 7 fold (I made sure that the end folded down was way down to the base) put it up pretty far and it felt like it swirled around and my vagina did the work for me - it felt like it went to the perfect place immediately - no need to pee, no pressure, no stem issues. It was FAR up, which seems different than the directions and some of the experiences on this board, but it felt like it was supposed to be there. It worked awesome, I LOVE this cup. The removal process is getting easier as well. So far I've used the 7 fold 4 or 5 times after that and every time it's worked like a charm. It's so high up that I'm not sure if I can check to see if it opened properly, but it works perfect and feels right, so maybe that's my checking method. I went overnight with the cup and just a bit of blood on the backup pad. I used to soak through a super tampon and pad, my poor sheets!

Another note, My period has always felt like it's heavy, but with the cup It feels managable, like it's lighter. I just had the one heavy day where I needed to empty the cup every 4 hours and it made it through the night (although it was very full). After that one heavy day I can leave the cup in for much longer, it feels like I'm not even on my period, and the flow seems much less. Strange I guess, but I think tampons and pads made it appear heavier than it actually is, like they didn't work well and I would leak. The texture of the blood is so much different than I expected, more mucousy, and cleaner. Almost like egg whites with blood. I love not having to have a smelly pad too. I called my sisters and told them I've found the most amazing thing ever. LOVE my Lunette!

 Just one question, does it seem normal to have it so high, to the point where I can barely touch the end of the stem? Thx for this board, I couldn't have done it without all of your input!
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