adrialien (adrialien) wrote in menstrual_cups,

which size of the lunette?

Hi everyone,
I'm pretty sure that my little sister is going to purchase the size 1 Lunette and I also want to purchase the Lunette Selene, but I'm not sure which size I should get. According to their website ( ), I should get the size 2 because I'm over 20 and have a heavier flow. However, I'm a virgin and am currently using the small DivaCup. I looked at the size comparison chart and saw that the small Diva has a width of 43mm and the large Lunette has a width of 46mm (small Lunette has width of 41mm). Right now, I have to empty my Diva about every 6 hours on my heavy days...the Diva has a capacity of 20-23ml, the large Lunette holds 24 ml, and the small Lunette holds 19-20ml. I think my main concern is fit, though...I seem to have a high cervix (since I haven't been able to feel it), but removing my Diva is still a bit tight (I'm 98% sure my hymen is still intact). Which size would you want to purchase if you were in my place?

Oh, and I was also wondering if the holes in the Lunette are large than those in the Diva? Sometimes the suction is a bit too much :)

Tags: divacup, lunette, sizes/size issues

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