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bags for Insteads???

I keep seeing all these posts about awesomely cute menstrual cup pouches & bags (I think my fave, so far, has been the crocheted uterus bag), but they're all geared toward the reusable ones. Thing is, I reuse my Insteads & I'd love to have a pretty cool & snazzy* pouch to slip it into in between uses.

Anyone know of anyone making anything that might be appropriate?**

* Edited to clarify that I'm NOT a girly-girl, that the only things I think should be pink are sunsets & body parts (which, though permitted to be pink, do not have to be such a hue) & that I was really thinking more along the lines of "sleek" & "sexy", rather than "pretty".
** SPECIFIC examples, including links, are preferred! :D
Tags: cup pouch & storage, instead
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