mushu_star (mushu_star) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette Discount Code...and Expo?

One of my friends told me today that her mum went to a Women's Expo in Wollongong (Australia) on Saturday and the Aussie Lunette ladies were there in their own stand!!

Waaaaaa!! That's only a few hours drive from me and I would have loved to have gone to see them and any other womens things on offer at the Expo. Did anyone go and see them there? Is this their first 'Public appearance' in Australia?

Anyhow, my friends mum got a flyer for her daughter who, by the way, I am still trying to convert (even her mum thinks they are great!)! It had a '10% Discount' code on the bottom of it for all women who attended the Expo - you just need to type in 'WEXPO' at the checkout.

I'm not sure when it is valid until (I assume at least till the end of this month?) and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if non-expo attendee's ordered as well!!


Tags: lunette, where to buy
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