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The Big Reveal

And the winner is......

.....the Lunette Selene! I sat down with my sister and went through all of the cup sites, showed her some of the posts and comments you ladies made, and explained the charts to her, and she chose the Lunette Selene. I want to thank everyone for their input with the poll, and their comments! <3

I have questions about Leastore's Facebook discount. Has anyone successfully used the discount? How did you do it, because I'm a little confused. They said add 'Lea', but there's a crapload of Lea's on facebook. Do they mean add Leastore? You can only become a fan. Also, do they offer other discounts? I've contacted the store, but I figured that while I'm wating to hear back from them, I'd ask you.

Anywho, my experience with the Diva has been great. I now know what everyone meant when you said the cervix may lower. Mine did (overnight), and I could feel it getting pushed up as I inserted the cup. Once it was opened, I couldn't feel any pressure, so I'm guessing my Cervix must be sitting comfortably inside the cup. That pressure upon insertion only lasted for a day, so I guess my cervix has already started to migrate back north.

My Diva doesn't open fully on it's own, but that's fine. I just inserted a finger on the opposite side of the cup (where there isn't a crimp) and gently push. I think I'm breaking the seal the my cup has formed while still partly in the C-fold and allowing it to form a new seal, fully-open. I can't spin my cup, but that doesn't matter since I'm fine with opening it while it's inside me. My cup stays in an oval, and it folds back into the C-fold automatically as I remove it. I learned that the hard way. On my second removal, I wanted to see the liquid in the cup, so I tried to take it out slower, and hold it upright. The cup folded and the contents sloshed onto my hand. The liquid was mostly transluscent (though what ended up in the toilet wasn't), which surprised me, but I just washed my hands, rinsed the cup, re-inserted it and carried on with my day. I think my period is just about over. How long was that? My period can last 5-8 days (I count all of the days until my fluid runs clear).

So, no leaks (other than one time when I went longer than 12 hours before emptying it on my heavy day because I fell asleep), I can't feel it other than an odd pressure on insertion, and the cup was inexpensive, and will save me lots of money in the long run (and save me from tampons :D). based on one period, I give the DivaCup a grade of A. The Diva is made of so much win! n_n"
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