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Diva Cup insertions issues

 I've been reading this page and have found lots of problems similar to mine, but none exactly the same so I hope you won't find this repetative. :) 

So I got a DivaCup yesterday and was really excited to try it out, luckily I didn't have to wait for my period, I was already in the middle. 
i chose the Diva because I honestly didn't think there were any other brands, I'd visited their website and it looked pretty cool and they sold them at London Drugs so I bought one.

Okay so I read the instructions, went into the bathroom and tried to insert it. I tried the two folds shown in the user guide with no success. I tried to relax but I was kind of frusterated so I took a break went on the computer and found this community.

I went back a little while later and tried again with the different folds and techniques. I couldn't get it in. I know some people are going to be suggestion lubricant and that might help but I think the main problem is it seems there's not enough room for it. My muscles seemed pretty relaxed but there's not enough room and it hurts if i try to shove it in the tiny opening, making me, unrelaxed.

The best I was able to do was about 2/3s of it in, it wouldn't open, and it was painful.

So here are my questions:
1. Does it make any real difference in the sizes and squishiness of the different brands?
2. Does Diva Cup have a satisfation gurantee?  
3. Is it worth it to order a different cup and pay for the shipping?
4. How do you relax your pelvic floor muscles? Any tips on that would be great.

I really want to get it to work because I agree with the values and want to save the environment. i'm thinking about calling the Diva Cup customer service line but I wanted to check here first.

I'm fourteen and a virgin.


Success! Thanks to everyone who left advice, it all helped. I don't know exactly how I did it the first time, but I've been able to replicate it again so hopefully it'll get easier and easier the more I do it. I had a bit of trouble getting it out due to the fact that is had moved upwards and was hiding behind my pubic bone. But it's all sorted out and I think this is the beginning of a wonderful thing. So thanks again, I'm so grateful that this community was here, I'd be lost without you guys.
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