wiesoauchimmer (wiesoauchimmer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead Questions

I've been using cups for three cycles now, I first bought a Mooncup UK because it was the first one I ever heard about and then through information on this community bought a Diva for my heavy days because the MCUK doesn't have enough capacity. I'm really happy with those as I only had some leakage troubles during my first cycle, after that everything went fine.

I also bought some Insteads for PIV sex during my period (I have a long distance relationship and absolutly want to have sex when I see my bf, period or not, without staining everything). I do have some troubles with them though. When I have one in it doesn't leak and the sex works fine, he doesn't feel a thing. That's the success part. But removal tends to be really messy. To get it out I have to reach past my pubic bone and the rim of the Instead and to hook my finger over the rim and pull. Then the whole content flows over my hand into the toilet while I pull it out.

Is there a less messy way to remove it? How does it work? I'm not squeamish in any way and if there is no other way then look like a butcher after removal it won't keep me from using it since it's only for a couple of hours at a time and I have my other cups that work clean and perfect. Still, it's just nasty.
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