chirpp (chirpp) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking about getting a cup

 Background check: 
I'm 15 years old vigrin, and thinking about getting a type of cup. I hate tampons with a passion (they're so... dry) and I'm involved in many athletics (mainly swimming and running) so pads don't work at all for me. 
Main reason I want a cup is to limit hassle at swim meets/track meets/other races where I'm there for up to 12 hours... I have a light cycle, so I think I could get away with changing just once during meets.
I'm really confident with my body- blood on my cycle doesn't faze me a bit- and I've stuck my fingers "up there" to "explore" my "girl parts". So ickiness is not a problem.

Lubricants are also not a problem- mom buys them for me (not for sex! but my mom knows how much easier tampons are with a lubricant). My mom has also agreed to buy a cup for me, again, not a problem.

My main concern is that I'm a very small person. So, obviously I'd go with a small sized cup.

Any recommendations of which cup to buy? Do you think that a cup would be right for me? 

Tags: age, sizes/size issues, virginity
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