knitsandnotions (knitsandnotions) wrote in menstrual_cups,

At first I chickened out

I got my diva cup a few weeks ago, and couldn't wait to try it out, but I wanted to wait for my period, not do a dry run.  As it got closer and closer to my period, I started getting anxious and thinking what if it goes up  too high and I can't reach it.  When I got my period on Tuesday night I completely chickened out.  The thought of even trying made me mildly panic.    

Since buying the diva cup I also switched to cloth pads , so I figured I would shelf the diva for a while and just use the pads.  Well, yesterday was great with the pads (sure it was a light to medium day).  Today is one of my heavy days, and I remembered why I have been such an avid tampon wearer.  I hate the feeling of my period flowing out onto a pad.    The cloth is definitely better than disposables, but I prefer to keep my period "contained".   

Suddenly the need to not feel  that feeling anymore superseded my mild panic. Thankfully, the bathroom in my office is a one person stalls!  My first try was ok.  I used the origami fold (I call it the rosebud fold because that is what it looks like to me)  But I don't think it popped open or was completely seated in place.  I had it in for about an hour but felt low, too low.  Removal was no problem..probably because it was low.  The second time it seemed to go in  a bit easier, and little higher.  I've had it in for about 4 hours now.  

The stem is at times pokey and I think I'm going to have to trim it. It's not a huge deal, just a bit annoying.    However, I keep getting these sensations like leaking felt with a tampon, but I checked and no leaks.  I'm wondering if it is normal moisture but since I'm used to being all dried out from a tampon  it feels foreign?  Also, for the first hour or so  I  would occaisionally feel   pressure and spontaneous stem pokage, almost like the diva was  going eject.  Then it passed and everything was fine.   Anyone else ever feel that?  

Tags: first time use, stem length/trimming

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