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questions about leakage, positioning

Hi everyone,
I started looking into menstrual cups last fall and bought the small diva cup. I tried to use it on 2 different periods and then gave up. Well, I'm backpacking the Grand Canyon this May and unfortunately, I don't think our hike will be over until just after my period has started. I decided I better give the diva another go, but I wanted more info first and I found this community. My period just started this morning and I inserted the diva at around 7am and had no problems all day, but a few hours ago it started to leak.

What causes a cup to leak? I went ahead and emptied but ended up with a bloody mess all over my hand, so I don't know if it was full or not but I think it might have been, even though the first day is usually light for me...anyways, does being full cause the cup to leak? (that's probably a stupid question, but I really don't know!) Also, the cup seemed to be at a bit of an angle, could that have been the problem? But it was at an angle all day, so I don't know....

Also, I have been unable to feel my cervix. Can anyone offer me any tips? Is it necessary for the cup to be all the way up against the cervix? I am so afraid it  will get lost in there and I won't be able to get it out! But I'm not sure that I'm putting it in far enough, right now the tab is poking out just a little bit so I can  feel it without putting my finger in there.

Thanks for all your help! This community has already been a lot of help to me and without the reading I did here, I don't think I would have had the courage to try again!

PS I'm also worried that I'll drop the cup in one of the pit toilets on the backpacking trip...should I buy another cup just in case or just bring pads? It's kind of expensive and I don't know if I would normally need 2 cups. Do you have 1 or 2 cups? What number of cups would you recommend having under normal circumstances?
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