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is it really that much of a difference?!

So, I've found lots of comparisons between the cups, but I couldn't find one that compared the Diva to the others in relation to size. So I Google'd it. Horrible I know. ~_^ Anyhoo, I found a size comparison chart, that states the lengths, widths, and capacity of the cups.

It showed the Diva as by far the longest one at 57mm (cup without stem), which i can totally believe, but then the Lunette seems to be the shortest. It listed it as only 27mm long. I am ok with this, except that it lists the small Lunette as being 25 ml and the small Diva(which I have) at 20 ml. the Lunette is about half the size... so how do they figure that?!

I'm jsut wondering if they have their math wrong. I'm just starting to use the Diva, and I like it a lot, but it's a bit too long in the cup and it's a bit uncomfortable. I've tried moving it around to get it to sit right, but i can clearly feel it's unfolded, and it just feels like there is too much pressure being put on my cervix from it. I'd just pull it down farther, except it's already only just above the pelvic bone, so any farther and it would hardly be internal anymore.

Any suggestions on the actual size comparison between cups? I really want to get one so I can continue to use and love these little things. : )

the website is here if you want to take a look at what they list for the cups:
Cup Chart

Thanks. <3

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