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I have decided that I will probably get a Lunette cup.

Since never having used a cup before I think the Lunette might be the best fit, because it isn't too soft or too hard. Is that why this is considered a good starter cup?

In terms of size and volume, I am not sure what will be best, because I have no way of measuring my size length wise. All I know is that my cervix is pretty low when I have my period but I have checked that when I was squatting, so I know my cervix is pulled even lower.

I have read on the Lunette website that it can be used with an IUD, so that is another reason for choosing the Lunette.

I have a question about the suction. I have read that some ladies pull on the stem to bring their cup lower, or do kegel or bear down. Are these three methods not really good if using a cup in terms of suction and an IUD? Is the best method to put a finger inside to fold the cup and break the suction like that?

Tags: iud, removal

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