legz_411 (legz_411) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mia cup blues :(

A while back, I posted a comment about my cup (the holes were cracking on the inside) .  The company quickly gave me another one yay! But now my new cup is slightly peeling on the outside of the cup where the holes are.  I emailed them again and low and behold ofcourse, I am the only one whose has ever had this problem.  I know the mia company is new, but really,am I the only one?  So is there anyone else that ever had this problem with the mia cup?  It seems to me I can't be the only one.  I don't think I'm any harder on the dumb thing than anyone else lol.  I think I only used the new one four times.   I cleaned it with the diva wash I had laying around and boiled only once when I first got it.   I have decided to use the thing till it falls apart. 
Tags: miacup
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