tntmommy (tntmommy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Third cycle


This is my third cycle using my Diva cup.  I have a large Diva cup that I have turned inside out and cut the stem off completely as I have a very short vagina and low cervix.  My cervix does sit inside my Diva, which I don't find a problem, a little comforting even, given that I don't have to do much to ensure a good seal.  The cup still protrudes just slightly.  While I have gotten used to it, I am thinking of getting another cup, one that may be a little more comfortable for me, shorter, specifically.  It has taken some time but I have finally gotten used to the cup and really like its convenience, cleanliness, ect.  Now that I am more comfortable with my Diva, I'm not as concerned about getting the shortest possible cup, just the most comfortable, most functional one. I am concerned about getting one that doesn't pop open quite as easily for me as my Diva.  I really don't want to sacrifice width for length, ie. needing to get a narrower cup to get a shorter cup.  I also like the sahpe of my Diva.  So I am considering the Femmecup, The Lunette and The LadyCup.  Which cup would you recommend as a second cup?  Thanks in advance for your advise. 
Tags: buying decisions, divacup

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