onionsarelife (onionsarelife) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup removal worries

So, I recently bought a mooncup and I got my period this week. There is an epically long saga of my attempting to get the damn thing in that wouldn't have successfully happened without this community. (I thank you)

Here is my concern! I had trouble getting the cup to open unless it was pushed quite far back! Now, its really really far back and I am concerned about getting it out. I can easily grab the stem and pull that but I have read many horror stories on here about how you can't pull it out without breaking the seal without causing extreme pain. My cup is so far back that I don't think my fingers are long enough to reach the base. So, am I doomed to extreme pain? Is there a trick for those of you who have to wear your cups higher? Have I completely messed up?
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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