Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The new Mpower cup :))

Hello, dear ladies :)

Maybe you already talked about it, but I wasn't able to see it..
So, there is another cup that comes from South Africa, besides the Miacup.

I knew about it thanks to a topic about the new cups on the forum of the French site www.easycup.fr.

Here is the site for the Mpower cup =

It seems there is only one size as for the Femmecup (its diameter must be about 4.5 or 4.6 cm I guess), as it is said in the FAQ section that it is "available for all women", and only two holes near the rim for instance _ It looks very soft and the general design of the cup is homogeneous and smooth, the rim isn't big at all.
I love the way of thinking of Glenda, whose the Mpower is the "baby" ;).

Ah! It's so deeply cool that the cups become more and more popular..
Many joyful kisses !
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