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Dead Sea water = ok?

So I just learned that I have a spot on my school's trip to the Dead Sea on Friday (I'm studying abroad in Israel for the semester, at Hebrew U in Jerusalem). I don't know yet whether i'll need my cup on that day (my period is supposed to start today, put the cup in this morning and havent checked yet) but I generally lean towards wearing it longer--better safe than sorry. However, I am wondering if being exposed to the mineral-heavy water of the Dead Sea would hurt the Diva at all. I'm probably worrying for nothing, since it doesnt poke out or anything and i dunno if the water would get up there, but again, i'd rather be safe than sorry!
Anyone have any ideas about this? Anyone ever worn their cup in a hot spring or anything?

p.s. it's sooo wonderful having my cup here, pads and such are pricy. it's a little bit of a trial because there is no soap in our bathroom, but what i do is i wash my hands at our room sink with soap, then take a paper towel and use that to touch everything in between the room and the toilet. it's worked pretty well so far! :-D
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