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A Question And A Comment

I gave my new Diva Cup a dry run last week.  It went great.  I got my new Femmecup today, and decided to give it a dry run too.  It's a lot softer than the Diva.  I've had no problem with the Diva opening, but the Femmecup did not want to open.  I learned two things with it.  I can insert a finger directly across from the fold and push it out by pushing down on the fold from the top with my finger through the cup, or insert a finger directly under the fold or crease and push away on my vaginal wall until it unfolds.  The Diva stem feels comfortable to me, however the Femmecup was trimmed in minutes.  What I did was a little different I think.  I didn't want to pull the cup all the way back out again, so I got a mirror with the magnifier on it, and squatted down over it.  I spread open my labia, and found the exact spot where the stem just dissapears.  I pulled the cup down until the bottom was hanging out and I cut the stem at the point where it had been just inside my deepest fold.  This ended up being about four lines up.  I think that was about just over half.  No pokey after that!  Now I'm just waiting for my LadyCup and Lunette I ordered from  They should be here anyday.  My period on the other hand, won't be here until the 15th.  And I actually can't wait.

My question:  You know how sometimes a girl queefs? (I f-ing HATE that word)  Does anyone think that would mess up someones seal?  I'm not even sure how that air gets there to begin with, so maybe it's not even possible if you wear a cup.  Just wondering if anyone ever though of that before

Tags: dry run, femmecup, first time use, stem length/trimming, success stories

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