anono4 (anono4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups and IUDs

Hi Everyone,

I have never had a cup and I never have an IUD, but I am planning on getting the IUD and most likely a cup as well. I think I will get the cup before I get the IUD so I can practice with the cup before I get the IUD. I am just unsure about which cup to get. I have read the posts under the IUD tag but have a few questions. I think I am deciding between the diva cup and lunette but am still open to other options.

Does the diva cup cause greater suction then any other cup?

Is Lunette better because it has greater capacity or is it less stiff then the diva cup but not as soft as the lady cup?

One other thing is that during my last period I checked my cervix and it was really low, so most likely my cervix would be inside the cup, so would the suction be even greater and would this risk pulling my IUD out?

I guess I am looking for suggestions before I buy a cup. I have looked at the charts that was posted to compare size and flow, I think my main concern is comfort in wearing, inserting and removing the cup.

Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, divacup, iud, lunette

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