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REALLY low cervix, does stem trimming change cup position?

I just started my second cycle with the MCUK. I love, love love the cup - I forget it's inside except for the little bubbly sensations when I'm suddenly scared of leaks.
I have a really low cervix, which sits inside the cup and clobbers most of its capacity. Just now I started leaking, and there was only 10 mL in the cup. I know it isn't a seal issue because it didn't leak at all over the past 3 and 1/2 hours. I thought it did, but that turned out to be vaginal discharge. Anyone else who gets a slightly brownish discharge while on the cup?

I've decided to use tissue paper for the leaks while I'm at home, and a light pad if I'm out. Cloth liners would be hard for me - I'm a little shy about my granddad seeing menstrual things soaking in the bathroom or hung out to dry!

My question is this - is it possible to sort of gently nudge the cervix a little further up, or will it just pop back down again? And if I trim the stem of the MCUK more, will it sit lower than it does now? Anything to keep my cervix out of the cup, lol.

Even though I'm having these little blips of trouble, I LOVE the mooncup. I wore the cup for the past 3 days anticipating my period, and today I had a sneaky suspicion it had started. But I felt no leak or ANYTHING to confirm that suspicion till I got home and took out the cup. It's only after that that these little leaks started :P . No ickiness or dryness, fewer cramps, no sudden cramp and nauseating contraction when i go to pee - it's kind of a miracle :).
Now if only my cervix could be prodded into place :D .
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting

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