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My Lady CUp came!!

I cannot WAIT for my period now! haha!

Anyway I HAD to put it in when I got home from work this morning, Its WAY softer than the Moon Cup(US). But I did find it a little harder to get it to pop open, because of the softness, I swirled it around a few times, kind of gave up, and then sat down and felt it pop, not even a bone shuddering pop like the mooncup, buts thats a good thing! haha   It didn't seem like it wanted to give way against my body, SO I wondered it it was just to big at first, but it did eventually pop open.

I read the tags for the lady cup to see if there were any suggestions, SHould I  swirl it while its sitting low & then push it up, or push it in an then swirl it, I wonder which I'd have  greater success with?  Anyone have an opinion on that?
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