Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lubricant Issues

My second month of my Lunette use and I'm travelling. At the moment I'm staying with friends, but I'm off onto Portland (and a full day of plane travel tomorrow).

I use lubricant to help with getting the cup in. I bought Vagisil brand lubricant in a bottle that I could take on an airplane (I normally use KY). The Vagisil was, ah, irritating to say the least. It was so irritating that last night I just took out the cup and switched over to a pad. I'm using a pad again because I'm still irritating and kind of swollen down there from the Vagisil lubricant.

I'm planning on going out to the shops today and can buy a smaller version of KY. I especially hate using pads on airplanes (and as a person with mobility disabilities, changing pads in an airport can be... difficult and unhappy), but I'm hesitant to use the cup again, being irritated down there. Thoughts?

Also, has anyone else had this kind of issue with a standard lubricant (it's not special warming or tingly or anything)?
Tags: lubricant, lunette

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