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Leaking with DivaCup and Lunette


I know the issue of leakage has been addressed many time, but I haven't found anything that will solve my problem and hopefully this entry will bring up more solutions..

I've been using the DivaCup for over 2 years, and for the first two or three days of my period, I use backup pads.  And I have to empty my Cup every few hours (on average every 3 hours, I would say, and probably more the first day).  But the cup never fills up completly, it fills up about halfway and then starts to leak. 

I just got a Lunette Selene size 2 (it's blue!!!), and was hoping that would solve my issue, but it hasn't so far.  It fills about half way and then leaks. 
(I also got the Lunette because it has a higher capacity, and I'm thinking of getting an IUD which will likely increase my already heavy flow.  Which is also why I really want to fix my leaking problem.)

My cervix is not beside the cup, so I don't think its location is the problem.  I never really understood what people mean when they talk about the seal of the cup, so maybe that's the problem?  How would I go about getting a seal?  Any other ideas of what could be wrong?


ps//  Does anyone have any good ways of dealing with cramps?  I'm suspicious that my cup actually makes them worse.
Tags: cramps, divacup, leakage & spotting, lunette

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